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Vic-ChandrasmaAbout Vic Chandrasma @v_xtra

Vic Chandrasma is a London-based designer, artist and curator. “Creating art is often a journey from start to finish,” Vic says. He says he has a loose idea of what he wants to create and relies on the rest of the process, considering just a few elements like colours, applications and styles.
Currently working predominantly in digital, Vic says he tends to lean towards the contemporary abstract.

How would you describe your work?

My work is mostly abstract, but not entirely. I often explore and experiment with different styles, approaches and mediums. 


How did you get started with NFTs?

I started flipping PFPs with some friends, but soon became obvious to me that I should explore 1/1 Art. I have been doing physical paintings shortly prior. I just got myself an iPad and are now completely digital.


How have NFTs helped you as a creator?

Well, it’s been an incredible experience and learning curve to fully understand how the 1/1 Art space works and recognizing the fundamental differences between that and the PFP space. Most people don’t understand this and think NFT is just one big community.


What advice would you give to creators who are new to the NFT space?

  • Don’t give up your day job.
  • Be patient. 
  • Become an advanced user of Twitter. Study, learn all the tricks, understand how the algorithm works.
  • Foster close relationships with as many people as you can – from them you will learn everything. 
  • The majority of the collecting activities in 1/1 Art space are artists supporting one another. 
  • People tend to buy your work because they like, want to support you.
  • Pricing is the key to effective selling. The sweet spot is around 0.05 – 0.1E for 1/1 Art. Once you start selling out, slowly increase your price with each release.
  • Be careful not to burn-out. Time management is critical. Allocate time for Twitter, creating and most importantly your life (friends, partner, family and yourself)


What has been the biggest challenge in your NFT journey so far?

Time management. Being strict about clocking off NFT to have a life. Progress is very addictive, when you see some, you want more, but there is an inevitable cost to everything else. I suffer from this and am trying to find a more healthy, sustainable balance.


What features (if any) are you missing on the platforms that you’re currently using, that would benefit you as a creator?

Tools and analytics. Platforms should cater to professional users better – for both creators/collectors perspectives. Onboarding incentives, search, organize, manage, comms, stats etc.

The majority of NFT creators are pros or want to be pros – they need more/better tools to be able to work/perform better. Not a single platform currently demonstrates they understand this. Still very much a retail mentality.


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