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Sh1n Conrad - ProfileSh1n Conrad @le_sh1n

You will not find my bio anywhere as my story was born with NFT, illustrated and told in my piece “Genesis”… I am a self-animated toyolo who tells stories about how grotesque extraordinary and strange is the experience of living among humans…

My “Genesis” literally, a synthesis of what brought me in NFT Galaxy, a creepy/funny/poetic fairy tale to introduce myself and maybe give sense of what will come next…
Crypto art is full of reference about cyberpunk where rebel machines get crazy or humanized…. toys can have the same story, we are built to amuse and entertain and once that job is no longer requested we get trashed… well not this Toy!!!

How would you describe your work?

I think the easiest way to describe my work is: “old school cartoons”, short and slightly psychotic stories drawn frame by frame.

How did you get started with NFTs?

I approached NFTs at a very sensitive time in my life… After I resigned from my old job due to conflicts with the company, the pandemic broke out and both me and the rest of my family were left without jobs or prospects, when everything was really black an old painter friend told me about this world…

How have NFTs helped you as a creator?

I come from the classic painting on canvas and initially I struggled to find my own expressive figure in this so varied and different market, but the community was really a great support, many already started artists have spent time and attention to help me and encourage me and this of in itself it is extraordinary.

What advice would you give to creators who are new to the NFT space?

Do your homework first. I spent the first three months doing research and building relationships before I felt ready to create my own content and I am still convinced that it was one of the best decisions I have made… and I would also recommend that you think about putting your own works in relation to those of others it does not mean comparing them either as a technique or taste but only as a context.

What has been the biggest challenge in your NFT journey so far?

Do not give in to the temptations to adapt to the trend of the moment to snatch a sale but remain faithful to my poetic sense and continue straight on my path.

Sh1n Conrad - Artwork

What features (if any) are you missing on the platforms that you’re currently using, that would benefit you as a creator?

I learned to diversify the platforms more for their catchment of users than not necessarily for featuring they offer… but certainly the level of support and attention from the managers often leaves something to be desired even if, to be honest in different measures.


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