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Irem-SahinbasAbout IREM SAHINBAS @irmshnbs

Irem Sahinbas is a 32-year-old Turkish artist who has been working as a graphic designer in international institutions, agencies and national media since 2010.

When she couldn’t feel comfortable in corporate environments, she quit her job and started working as a freelance in groups and festivals. Along with her award-winning festival works, she found a space where she could express herself. “But that wasn’t enough for me 🙂 I just… I wanted to be free,” the Turkish designer says.

Irem, who has a great interest and love for space and ancient era since her childhood, has found a way to introduce her own imagination to people with Digital Manipulation, a combination of two passions. “That’s when my journey to infinity and beyond began,” says the young artist.

Irem-Sahinbas Irem-Sahinbas

How would you describe your work? 

My motto is : “The Past Meets The Future!”. As physicist Richard Muller said; “The new physics principle is that space and time are linked; when you create new space, you will create new time”.

The world will continue to exist with or without us. According to the cosmic calendar, humanity has only been existed for a few seconds on Earth and in those seconds it has witnessed and will witness various civilizations and developments.

Human beings are an evolutionary success story. We’re all connected to the past. Our DNA have been passed on through our ancestors over thousands of years. They each have inherited the mechanisms of mind and body that led to their ancestors’ achievements.

I always wonder; what was it like to live in ancient times? I’m amazed by the art, science, architecture, the stuff belong to those days and philosophy which belong to that era.

And also I found myself fascinated by such spectacular details as the fact that space is expanding every second, supernova, pulsar, quasar, blackhole, nebula etc.

So I’m trying to create a new perspective in my designs by combining all the stories about space and ancient times that I have in my imagination.


How did you get started with NFTs? 

I’ve been working on this subject for about 5–6 years and I was researching how to get these works to more people.

One day, Dr. Umut Yildiz (he is a researcher in deep space communication and astrophysics at NASA JPL) invited Refik Anadol to his own YouTube broadcast and he talked about NFTs. After the broadcast Dr. Yildiz encouraged me to enter the NFT world. So  I met the NFT world and my NFT journey started in December 2021.


How have NFTs helped you as a creator? 

It helped me a lot in getting better. Because; being able to talk to and interact with so many talented people, witnessing their evolve and their progress has made me push my limits and fills me with inspiration.


What advice would you give to creators who are new to the NFT space? 

Just start and don’t hope for overnight success. Be kind, open and do your best to engage with others. Don’t get yourself overwhelmed, be consistent as well as persistent. Be patient and don’t give up. Create your ‘first’ as soon as you can. Give people an experience. Think differently. Learn as much as you can and try make connections.

And when the time comes; don’t be afraid to take a break.

What has been the biggest challenge in your NFT journey so far?

My biggest challenge is being patient. I’m an impatient person and this NFT world is teaching me to be patient!


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