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About Mateus Joias @Sank_Spirals

Meet Mateus Joias, a 23-year-old visionary CEO of Crypto Star Games.

With over a year of experience in the crypto world and a background in digital games, Mateus brings a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise to the table, including programming, 3D design, game design, UI/UX, and QA. At CSG, he founded the company in 2021 with a mission to democratize blockchain and bring the knowledge of the WEB3.0 world to the masses. And help people understand how this new world works and how they do to earn extra income from these NFT’s games or even the NFT’s themselves that they can create and make their own collection.

With a focus on education, CSG offers courses, classes, mentorship, consulting, and even funding for NFT collections on OIX. Mateus is a valued contributor to the Axie Infinity contributors program and a moderator of the EVE project.

He has partnerships with top companies such as PLAY4CHANGE, Loopipay, DUX, and Sunflower Land. To showcase his passion for NFTs, Mateus also has a successful collection called Sank_Spiral and serves as an ambassador for the OIX marketplace.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from this crypto star!”

Çalışmanızı nasıl tanımlarsınız?

The spirals, bring you knowledge, because its diferent of everything you can see in the NFT universe, because SPIRALS is in everywhere. Collect, buy, trade and sell your SPIRALS and make part of new age of NFT UNIVERSE! Know more about the spiral art searching their name on the internet!!

NFT'lere nasıl başladınız?

I’ve started playing Axie Infinity in 2021, after that I’ve started studying about NFT and decided to create my first NFT on the blockchain.

How have NFTs help you as a creator?

Here in Brasil we have so many political problems and the inflaction is so much high and we need to search for new ways to make money, after I started sell NFT’s on OIX my life has changed and I have money today to enter in new NFT’s projects, buy new axies and go out with my girlfriend.

NFT dünyasında yeni olan yaratıcılara ne tavsiye edersiniz?

Do your own research for everything on the blockchain and out of this space, because here in the web3.0 we are the owner of our assets and money and its need an responsability that is big and that’s why I advice everybody, don’t trust, verify!!

NFT yolculuğunuzda şu ana kadar karşılaştığınız en büyük zorluk neydi?

Studying how scams work and how they use social engineering to trap you is a big issue in the decentralized world. Many new people in this world have fallen for these scams, which is unfortunate. To avoid becoming the next victim, you need to have knowledge about how these scammers operate. However, many people in WEB2.0 are unaware of these tactics.

Şu anda kullandığınız platformlarda (varsa) bir içerik oluşturucu olarak size fayda sağlayacak hangi özellikleri kaçırıyorsunuz?

I would like to see something where people can help each others with their creations, like OIX does today.

OIX'in başarınıza nasıl katkıda bulunabileceğini düşünüyorsunuz?

I sold my first NFT on the OIX platform due to its fantastic community on Discord and other social media.

The OIX marketplace is amazing because it functions like a social media, allowing you to comment and like/retweet your favorite artists. It’s truly awesome!”


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