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TL;DR: We are making a bold move and bringing OIX marketplace fees down to 0%. This means, creators from around the world can now retain all the income from their primary sales. Traders of digital art and collectibles can retain 100% of their earnings to themselves, after the creator royalties are paid. Unlike other high-volume marketplaces, we are dedicated to respect creators’ royalties, which empowers the creators and help them make a living by earning income from secondary sales of their creations in perpetuity.


Last year, when we launched OIX, the world’s social NFT marketplace, we mentioned that we have harnessed the power of the NFTs to generate opportunities for everyone. Our goal was to build a marketplace where creators can be rewarded properly and fairly, in a way that allows them to have a viable career and remain at the helm of that career.


We came to exist because we wanted to address the problem of profitability and visibility for creators around the globe. For a long time, creators who create art, photography, design, writing, music, and other types of content have been accustomed to signing contracts that only give them a small portion of their earnings. This is because there were limited options for them to sell their products, and the ones that did exist were not very trustworthy or profitable. As a result, receiving minimal royalties was the only viable choice for creators. Unfortunately, this business model perpetuates the idea that only the most successful creators can make a sustainable living.


We believe that earning a living as a creator should be attainable for more than just the ultra-famous few. Thanks to NFTs, the creation of digital art, blogging, vlogging, and podcasting as mere hobbies have evolved into full-fledged careers. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) allow them to directly own their financial relationship with fans instead of relying on tech giants to serve as intermediaries.


We strongly believe in our future vision with the same passion as day 1:

  • The Future is Interoperable
  • The Future is Multi-chain
  • The Future is Sustainable
  • The Future is Social
  • The Future is Inclusive
  • The Future is Seamless
  • The Future is Creators-first


From inception, we have been true to this mission and continued to innovate towards building an inclusive and more equitable creator economy, enabling global creator communities around the world in a multichain social environment to monetize their creations fairly. 


We have operated with the mindset that eventually our creators will be our platform owners, our peers, and our partners. As we continue to embrace transparency in all aspects of our business, we continue building a future in which no one person or corporation can function as a gatekeeper for everyone else.


Today, as the social NFT marketplace, OIX is making one bold move and bringing our marketplace fees to 0%. This is a game-changing move in the NFT world, as most marketplaces take a percentage of each sale as their fee, leaving creators with less income. With this move, we are making it easier for creators to monetize their work and reach a global audience without worrying about high marketplace fees. This is especially important for emerging artists and creators who may not afford to give up on a percentage of their income.


That’s not all. We are also eliminating our marketplace fees on secondary sales. Those who are selling digital artwork and trading collectibles will retain 100% of the revenue after the creator royalties are paid. This means, collectors and traders are incentivized even more while creators are not left behind. 


As mentioned earlier OIX sees a creator-first future. Therefore we are committed to respecting creator royalties, which means that all the secondary assets being sold on OIX will continue to receive royalties as long as they are created using OIX’s tokens, any collection created on OIX or collections created elsewhere that are compatible with ERC-2981 NFT Royalty Standard. This means that creators can continue to earn income even after their initial sale, which is a huge advantage for them. Therefore, the only people that should set these royalties as optional are the creators themselves.


Another important advantage of respecting creator royalties is that many of our creators benefit from turning their NFTs into assets that keep on giving to the communities they are involved in. Through our partnership with The Giving Block, creators are splitting their royalties with more than 2000 non-profit organizations around the world. Respecting creator royalties not only benefits the creators but those communities that creators care about the most.


We are dedicated to offering a platform that strengthens connections between people and encourages collaboration between all stakeholders of the creative economy. We offer a marketplace that is community-curated and a customized, objective, chronological social feed to make sure that every creator’s profile and work have an equal opportunity to be found by potential collectors.

OIX SNFX™, which depends on built-in smart network effects, gives creators more exposure for their digital works. Because of these inherent characteristics, every NFT offers a fresh chance for creators to grow their networks. Using our platform, creators can increase their fan bases, look into collaborative opportunities, and develop close relationships with their peers. Fans and collectors discover new artwork and experiences delivered all through NFTs secured on their favorite blockchain.


We at OIX are thrilled to be at the forefront of this new era of NFTs and are looking forward to seeing the amazing works that our community will produce. There couldn’t be a more true statement than what we said before, the world is about to experience technology that feels like magic and OIX is leading the way. 


Biz bir pazarız. Biz bir topluluğuz. Biz bir devrimiz.


Will you join this revolution


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