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artist, xeniiaAbout @xeniiau

Xeniia is a Moscow based photographer turned digital artist. She graduated from the Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK). Xeniia enjoys shooting runway fashion shows, behind the scenes and portrait photography. Her art is all about experimentation and exploration. Xeniia loves working with different types of mixed media. 


How would you describe your work?

Surrealism with notes of mysticism. I enjoy exploring and creating new fictional universes with unusual and strange characters. I’m constantly looking to experiment with new things.

How did you get started with NFTs?

I saw a lot of stories and advice articles going around [the internet] about NFTs. I was curious so I just started looking into them myself and learning everything I could. I knew that doing it myself would be the best way to learn, so I just started working on new projects and exploring how they could fit into the space. This experience has brought me to where I am today.  

How have NFTs helped you as a creator?

The NFT community is the best – everyone really helps and inspires me. The space is full of cool and creative people who really want to support each other. I get so many positive comments on my work, which gives me the confidence to continue pursuing and sharing my art [with the world]. Ultimately, it’s all about having faith in yourself and the motivation to keep creating. The NFT community helps me do that.

What advice would you give to creators who are new to NFTs?

For those still trying to find their style, there’s a lot of room to experiment. Try different colors, shapes, formats…the sky’s the limit! Don’t fear making mistakes, just go with whatever inspires you and keep creating.

How do you think OIX can contribute to your success?

It’s important for an artist to expand the boundaries of their art and interact with new platforms. It’s even more important when those platforms help make things easy for artists to promote their work, so they can concentrate on their craft. I see this kind of support and ease of use on the OIX platform. There are exhibitions, interviews, the ability to build community – it’s really everything an artist needs.

Would you join OIX as an early adopter?

I’m always ready for something new, so yes – absolutely! As I mentioned earlier, I love experimenting with new things – it’s essential [as an artist]. It’s easy to look at the success of others, but until you try something yourself, you will never truly know what you’re capable of!

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