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Artist, Aslan RubyAbout @aslanruby

Sarana Haeata is a Māori-Australian artist, muralist, and ceramicist. She is known as Aslan Ruby in the NFT world. Sarana is passionate about socioeconomic equality, gender and racial representation, and diversity — and these themes are visible in her work. She is especially passionate about Indigenous cultural representation and mental health support for mothers.

How would you describe your work?

My work focuses on inclusivity and diversity. It confronts the viewer with a burst of color, humor and a blast of pure POW! My 63 Patron Saints collection explores commonalities and a shared understanding of the female experience. It does so by referencing everything from the silly to the mundane and the heartbreak that lies beneath it all.

How did you get started with NFTs?

Like most, I was skeptical at first, but I was obsessed as soon as I understood the premise behind NFTs! My good friend, Ren McGann – a photographer in the space – helped onboard me into NFTs. He gave me some ALPHA to get started, and I just sort of ran with it. I spent the first few weeks navigating through a humble audience on Twitter before releasing my Wonder Country genesis collection on November 27, 2021. From there, things just snowballed. I now have 2 x 10k projects, including Meta Angels and Honey Badges, as well as my recent Patron Saints collection.   I have a few other side hustles on the go as well.

How have NFTs helped you as a creator?

NFTs have allowed my husband and me to work on our art full-time. By monetizing our craft and directly connecting with our collectors, I now feel like we’re part of a thriving community. It has also opened doors for us to collaborate with other artists and creatives. The community is strong, and our little corner of the space is incredibly supportive.

What advice would you give to creators who are new to NFTs?

Take the time to find your community within the space. Build that community of people and once you have that in place, start releasing your work.

How do you think OIX can contribute to your success?

OIX’s vision for a creator’s first future looks very appealing. When we, as creators, have more diversity and options [from a marketplace perspective], it’s easier for us to find our niche within the space. Right now, a select few are dominating the market, which really limits our freedoms and options as artists – specifically around our smart contract needs and flexibility in terms of our listings and sales. Hopefully, OIX will address some of these needs and find a strong foothold in the market. 

Would you join OIX as an early adopter?

Yes, I would love to. I’m particularly interested in splitting sales and royalties between multiple artists – this will provide artists opportunities to establish successful collaborations in the future.

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