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Welcome to a new social commerce platform for the age of the Metaverse. OIX is where our community meets to create, collect, or trade digital collectibles, content, and experiences.

At OIX, we have harnessed the power of NFTs to generate opportunities for everyone. We are building the infrastructure for the new Creator Economy.

The world is about to experience technology that feels like magic. OIX is leading the way.

We are a marketplace. We are a community. We are a revolution.

Made by Creators, for Creators

We developed OIX to address the problem of profitability for creators. Our team, individually and collectively, has been patiently anticipating the new Creator Economy, carefully helping to lay the foundation for a platform that would welcome everyone. Our goal was to build a marketplace where creators can be rewarded, properly, and fairly, in a way that allows them to have a viable career and remain at the helm of that career.

Creators will need fewer fans than ever to make a living in the new Creator Economy. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) allow them to directly own their financial relationship with fans instead of relying on tech giants to serve as intermediaries. Moreover, NFTs give creators control over their own economic success and help them maintain ownership over their IP in perpetuity.

Artists, photographers, designers, writers, musicians, and creators of all kinds of content have traditionally accepted contracts that net them a small percentage of their profits because there were few alternatives to get their products to market. And the few alternatives available lacked both credibility and profitability. The tiny royalties left for creators were the only real option. And that business model means only the top rung of creatives ever earn a living. We asked ourselves, does it really have to be this way?

An Open-Source Economy

We believe that earning a living as a creator should be attainable for more than just the ultra-famous few. So, creators who want to flip the scales on royalty ratios are in the right place. OIX creators receive 85% of their initial sales and earn up to 30% royalties on secondary sales.

Thanks to NFTs, the creation of digital art, blogging, vlogging, and podcasting as mere hobbies have evolved into full-fledged careers. As the Creator Economy continues to unfold, OIX is the place to anchor your offerings. OIX users enjoy a Web3 experience that stands apart, even within the Metaverse. Our distinctive interface is engaging, effective, and profitable. Users can interact, present, buy, and sell. The chance to display your creation – or showcase what you own – blends seamlessly into an experience that is nothing short of a new world.

The OIX Vision

Our philosophy is at the core of everything we build and do at OIX. Our decisions are guided by a vision of the future in which technology not only solves problems but also brings our collective imagination to life.

  • The Future is Interoperable
    Taking our bodies, identity, and possessions into the Metaverse will depend on layers upon layers of interoperability between protocols, chains, and devices.

  • The Future is Multi-chain
    All blockchains make choices about their architecture and consensus, which makes them more optimized for some use cases and qualities over others. It is guaranteed that multiple blockchains will be part of the Web 3.0 space moving forward.

  • The Future is Sustainable
    OIX comes to the market supporting both Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC) networks. We plan jointly for scalability and sustainability as we view them hand-in-hand. We are excited for Ethereum’s upcoming Beacon Chain to merge to bring the proof-of-stake consensus to lower the energy footprint of the chain among others.

  • The Future is Social
    We live in an age where the very term ‘social’ now implies more than just being part of society. Being automatically integrated into social media – efficiently maximizing visibility – will be essential for all creators, wherever they go in the Metaverse. OIX’s social features meet this need in a way no other NFT marketplace does.

  • The Future is Inclusive
    We are building a marketplace where no creator will be excluded from this new economic frontier, wherever they are, whoever they are.

  • The Future is Seamless
    Our platform is easy to use by design. OIX is defining the next generation of immersive usability with a suite of Web3 products that are inherently user-friendly, jargon-free, and present minimal barriers to entry.

  • The Future is Creators-first
    For our community to thrive, we can and will always place benefits to creators ahead of all other priorities. When our users succeed, we succeed.

Giving Back with NFTs

Community is at the core of everything we do at OIX, a value we know our users share. An extension of this value is our plan for OIX to have a philanthropic role within the Web3 world.

From the moment we conceived of a space like OIX, we wanted to incorporate tools that would enable creators to help the charities they care about to receive a share of their profits. NFTs can be the asset that keeps on giving.

We are extremely excited about this fundraising potential. We know philanthropy will further enrich our users’ capacity to express themselves, having both a positive experience and an impact.

Leadership in YOUR Hands

The OIX platform is a decentralized marketplace with plans to evolve into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as we grow. Our creators will be our owners, our peers, and our partners. As we continue to embrace transparency in all aspects of our business, we will continue building a future in which no one person or corporation can function as a gatekeeper for everyone else.

The independence and security of cryptocurrency are just the beginning at OIX. We support a variety of Ethereum wallet providers such as MetaMask, Torus, Portis, Coinbase Wallet, and more.

Our adherence to interoperability wherever possible means that we will endeavor to support as many chains, currencies, devices, and content types as our users require.

A Social Commerce Collective

OIX has a social component, unlike any other NFT marketplace. Creators who join us will benefit from internal social attention, as well as seamless integration with their existing social profiles. Our unbiased, chronological feed provides visibility to all our users, ensuring that every creator gets a chance to be discovered.

OIX makes it easy for users to share what they love on their favorite social media accounts. We make buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and others easy to see and use. Collectors also have access to creators’ social media profiles with just a click, helping our creators to grow even more.

Like other NFT platforms, creators earn royalties from all resales of their NFTs. But the added boost to their social visibility is our unique edge. Our users will build a fan base alongside collaborative opportunities and strong peer relationships. We are the future of Social Commerce.

A Sustainable, Inclusive Metaverse

We know the future absolutely must be carbon neutral. At OIX, bringing our activities in line with that goal is one of our highest priorities.

We benefit from coming to market at an ideal moment, still very early in the Web3 era, yet able to take advantage of newer, more environmentally friendly, and affordable blockchain tech.

Ethereum is effectively the de-facto chain where the majority of NFT transactions take place. However, we are aware that increased gas fees combined with the rising price of ETH make it less accessible and can exclude some creators. So, in addition to launching on ETH, we will also deploy our smart contracts into the Polygon network.

We are bringing OIX to the NFT market with contracts on both Ethereum and Polygon networks, to offer our users the best combination of scale, speed, sustainability as well as liquidity through cross-chain bridges.

Polygon functions on a Proof of Stake versus Proof of Work consensus algorithm, making it energy-efficient and fast. The wide adoption and support of this network by the blockchain community were what made our decision easy when it comes to choosing the next chain our platform would support after Ethereum. We plan to bring other chains into our platform, and we will let our community decide on which one to bring next.

Our platform’s inclusivity philosophy extends beyond geography. We embrace creators and collectors of all stripes, many of whom do not come to us with a background in technology. As we grow, so will our education library, supported by an active and engaged user base.

Operating as a DAO, as outlined above, will also ensure that our platform continues to prioritize positive user experiences within a strong and engaged community, alongside growth and future development.

OIX Technology

If you are a tech professional, here is the part where you’ll get really excited. Telling you that we’re building a scalable product goes without saying. Likewise, we’re building a blockchain-powered platform within the Web3 framework. We see the future as decentralized, running on a token-based economy. We already know which wallets and currencies we’ll be adding to what we’ve already built. And by that logic, we know more are in the proverbial mail.

Our users will have a high-quality experience regardless of their device. In addition to phones and desktop computers, we will support VR/AR headsets and we plan to keep growing here too. Here’s a snapshot of our tech at launch:

  • Smart Contracts
    Our contracts are based on security-audited Open Zeppelin ERC721 tokens, with ERC1155 added in the future. Our protocol supports multiple creators with royalty splitting. Expect our team to bring these advanced features to your use soon.

  • Transactions
    Our multi-chain marketplace is deployed on Ethereum and Polygon networks. While we support ETH and MATIC native currencies, we also support multiple ERC20 tokens, including DAI and USDC stable coins as value assets. Our marketplace supports listing an asset with a Fixed Price offering or starting a Reserve Auction with a customizable auction duration.

  • Exchange & Protocol
    Our exchange layer contract provides an on-chain protocol for a shared order book for future marketplaces with new NFT trading mechanics.

  • Storage
    All assets, metadata, and associated files are stored on IPFS. NFTs do not live on our centralized storage servers.

  • Wallets
    Fully non-custodial front and back end. Users interact with our smart contracts directly through their wallets only. We support multiple wallets commonly available on the market.

  • Content
    We support several videos, audio, and image types. 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other types of interactive and immersive content types are in development.

    We will offer NFT creators additional tools to provide authenticity verification, access control, and more to integrate second-layer experiences more easily.

In short, OIX is building the best technology stack and infrastructure for a combined social and decentralized marketplace, at the Metaverse scale.

YOUR OIX Platform

Organizations that need a dedicated space for their NFTs will also benefit from using OIX. We will offer an API that allows third parties to acquire and manage a metaverse-scale social NFT marketplace of their own. If your organization is ready to break into the NFT world, but you really need exclusivity, custom branding, and overall room to breathe, this could be your path into the digital collectibles market. From sports teams to iconic clothing brands, the social commerce opportunity is set to boom for you too. OIX will be your platform partner when bringing dedicated, custom-branded NFT marketplaces to life.

A Fusion of Art & Science

The brave new world of Web3 technology needs visionaries who bring a holistic background to the table. The OIX team fuses digital art, computer science, marketing savvy, and real-world humanity. We bring you a platform that speaks to creatives, connects them to their audience, and in short, closes the gap between creator and consumer.

We will be a thriving hub of creative energy long after terms like NFT and Metaverse have evolved into new ideas. Our scalable model and the adaptable team have the versatility and resourcefulness to navigate a future that is still being dreamed into reality. Follow our quest to build the future. Starting today.

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