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 About Rose @roseart_momo

Meet Rose, a 29-year-old artist from Asia. Rose has always been a quiet, introspective person who enjoys immersing herself in her passions. She has a younger brother, as well as parents who are both very young and kind. From a young age, Rose demonstrated her exceptional intelligence, finishing school early and quickly entering university.

Rose pursued two areas of study in university, majoring in laboratory science as well as art. Her father, a designer himself, often remarks that she inherited her talent for painting from him. However, Rose believes that art is an innate talent that comes from within.

One of Rose’s greatest passions is traveling, where she gathers many ideas for her paintings. She has a natural talent for painting and a keen eye for design. Her artistic style reflects her love for creativity and is heavily influenced by the many ideas she picks up during her travels.

Rose is a dedicated reader, and she believes that books have the power to provide clarity and guidance. She has always tried to be kind to everyone she meets and finds it rare that she gets angry or upset with anyone.

We are incredibly excited to having Rose in OIX Fam, who is an accomplished artist and a remarkable individual. With so much talent, intelligence, and creativity at her disposal, we cannot wait to see what she will achieve next.

¿Cómo describiría su trabajo?

I have started painting in the style of cubism, sometimes incorporating abstract expressionism. Cubism excites me because it allows me to shape and depict any form. Colors are more important to me than the painting itself, and I always try to coordinate unique color combinations for the viewer. Additionally, I try not to tire the viewer’s eyes. There is a hint of concept in all of my works

¿Cómo empezó a trabajar con las NFT?

I hold a master’s degree in laboratory science and have been working in a hospital for a long time. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, I continued working in the hospital and laboratory throughout the entire duration of the outbreak. Unfortunately, I contracted the virus several times, with my last encounter bringing me to the brink of death. After my full recovery, I decided to reduce my time spent in the hospital and focus on my passion for art. I had been interested in cryptocurrency since 2017, and in 2020, I became particularly interested in NFTs.

How have NFTs help you as a creator?

NFTs allow me to constantly brainstorm unique and interesting ideas, capture them in the moment, and share them with others. NFTs provide both enjoyment and profitability for me, which is exactly what I’m interested in. Additionally, the world of NFTs brings me both excitement and relaxation.

¿Qué consejo daría a los creadores que se inician en el mundo de las NFT?

Always respect your art and choose good platforms for showcasing it. Be cautious of enticing offers that come your way, as many of them may turn out to be spam. Prioritize your art above everything else and stay focused on your goals.

¿Cuál ha sido el mayor reto en su viaje de NFT hasta ahora?

I constantly challenge myself in life, and NFTs have been one of my biggest and most exciting challenges. Over the past three years, I have found that the more I enjoy creating NFTs, the easier and more successful their sales become. This has made the process even more interesting and exciting for me.

¿Qué características (si las hay) echas en falta en las plataformas que utilizas actualmente, que te beneficiarían como creador?

That they support good currencies with lower fees.

¿Cómo cree que OIX puede contribuir a su éxito?

As an NFT creator, I find the OIX platform to be a highly attractive choice. Its user-friendly interface and emphasis on personal connections make it easy for me to engage with other users. Additionally, OIX’s website offers great visibility for creators, allowing us to reach a wider audience compared to other platforms.

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